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The Physician’s Secret Tool: Test that Streamlines Prevention and Intervention in Healthcare

Pressing the button to achieve excellent prevention and intervention.Prevention and intervention.

They’re the most important pursuits of physicians that keep patients healthy and free from harm.  When there’s a problem, they fix it.  When there’s no problem at all, they keep it that way.

Before doctors prevent and intervene, they must know what they’re trying to prevent and why they’re intervening.  They already have the skills to fix health problems.  All they need is a quick, efficient way of understanding what the potential or actual problem is.

In addition to using their own intelligence and healthcare experience, physicians can benefit from having a sidekick or special healthcare tool.

Let’s use superheroes and superhumans to drive the point home: Xavier and Cerebro (a brainwave amplifier used in X-Men); Thor and his hammer; and Gandalf and his sta...

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