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How an ANS Test Can Help Your Patients

Have you recently been informed by that your hospital or clinic should begin administering ANS tests? Are you aware of healthcare guidelines that will require a carepath for your patients? If so, it is very likely you have many questions or reservations regarding a new procedure that you are unfamiliar with. However don’t let simple confusion or misunderstanding inhibit you from doing what is best for the health of your patients. The ANS, or Autonomic Nervous System, test is designed to best evaluate your patient’s bodily functions and plays an important role in investigating those who suffer from various diseases. There are no invasive or potentially harmful procedures involved, and often times a single exam lasts less than a half hour and can be performed by an MA...

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Is your Patients Autonomic System in Balance?

The autonomic nervous system (ANS), primarily responsible for involuntary functions like blood pressure, heartbeat and breathing, must be in balance for patients to live a healthy life.  Modern technology has afforded many opportunities to test for autonomic balance in a non-invasive, relatively quick way.

ANS assessments like heart rate variability and stress tests can all be completed with new critical care test equipment that breaks down important information in an intuitive, accurate way...

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Protein in Skin Linked to Parkinson’s Disease May Help Prevent Misdiagnoses

Image of: brain made out of words related to Parkinson's Disease.Medical researchers and professionals have yet to establish a biomarker for catching Parkinson’s disease before motor system symptoms begin.   Researchers at the Mayo Clinic proposed a saliva test for Parkinson’s, but it doesn’t seem as promising as the new finding that links a protein in the skin created from the autonomic nervous system (ANS) to Parkinson’s.

The protein, alpha-synuclein, “occurs early in the course of Parkinson’s disease and precedes the onset of clinical symptoms,” said Roy Freeman, director of the Autonomic and Peripheral Nerve Laboratory at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC).

Freeman also said that Parkinson’s is often misdiagnosed.  However, if a proven biomarker was established, the percentage of misdiagnosed patients would drop profoundly.

Unlike m...

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Vital Health Information Now Accessible Through Patient’s Fingertip

Image: health monitoring using patient's fingertip.With peripheral arterial tone, a wealth of medical information can be collected from a patient using non-invasive equipment.  Attaching a small device to the pointer finger and pressing a button affords deep insight into cardiovascular and respiratory health.  Peripheral arterial tone (PAT) is a preferred measurement of sympathetic arousal and one of the most popular functions of the critical care test by Critical Care Assessment.

Along with oximetry and actigraphy – both health measurement systems – PAT is often used for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea.  It’s one of the few measurements that effectively pinpoints symptoms within patients affected by sleep apnea...

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