The Physician’s Secret Tool: Test that Streamlines Prevention and Intervention in Healthcare

Pressing the button to achieve excellent prevention and intervention.Prevention and intervention.

They’re the most important pursuits of physicians that keep patients healthy and free from harm.  When there’s a problem, they fix it.  When there’s no problem at all, they keep it that way.

Before doctors prevent and intervene, they must know what they’re trying to prevent and why they’re intervening.  They already have the skills to fix health problems.  All they need is a quick, efficient way of understanding what the potential or actual problem is.

In addition to using their own intelligence and healthcare experience, physicians can benefit from having a sidekick or special healthcare tool.

Let’s use superheroes and superhumans to drive the point home: Xavier and Cerebro (a brainwave amplifier used in X-Men); Thor and his hammer; and Gandalf and his staff.

These special characters use their special tools and weapons to fight evil much like physicians use the critical care assessment to prevent health issues and make necessary interventions.

The critical care device can perform a variety of different assessments including heart rate variability tests, stress tests, pulse wave velocity analyses and more.  All these give physicians useful information related to the autonomic nervous system.  In addition to offering further insight into an already known threat, testing for autonomic dysfunction using the critical care assessment tool guides clinicians with the discovery of potential new threats. This helps physicians refine treatment and uncover causes of a patient’s potential health risks that could lead to sudden death, silent heart attack, hypertension, vascular abnormalities, diabetic autonomic neuropathy or other hidden disease.

Refining existing treatments is as important as forming new ones.  If a doctor has a patient who is unresponsive to a certain treatment, a change in treatment is necessary. The only problem is that it’s often difficult to know what change to make without using expensive tests or invasive discovery tactics.

With the special device from Critical Care Assessment, physicians are able to make appropriate changes to existing treatments without breaking the bank of the patient.  In addition, if new threats are discovered during assessments, physicians can choose an appropriate way to intervene and control the threat.

If you’re a healthcare professional looking to improve your approach to prevention and intervention, get a free demo of the CCA device today!

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