Acclaimed Pain Management Specialist Joins Critical Care Assessment as Medical Director

The new addition of Dr. Ronald M Parris, MD, to the team of health professionals at Critical Care Assessment will improve the development of ANS research and, consequently, improve our stress assessment equipment.  Although the critical care assessment test by our company already offers valuable information related to the autonomic nervous system (ANS), we’re looking to push innovation further.  Our entire staff believes Dr. Parris will invigorate our existing ANS research and testing equipment.

We believe this because of his vast experience in the medical field.  In addition to having a wealth of knowledge related to various components of the autonomic nervous system, he’s also head of his own pain management private practice, the Parris Pain Center located in Houston, TX.  Before starting his private practice, Dr. Parris taught as an assistant professor at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and worked as a staff anesthesiologist at the largest medical center in Houston.

Aside from a diverse medical portfolio, Dr. Parris also has a huge passion for his work.  In addition to knowing the ins and outs of the autonomic nervous system, he’s dedicated to alleviating pain in his patients and targeting sources of pain.  This much is evident from his creation of the Parris Pain Center where he uses stress assessment tools made by Critical Care Assessment.  He uses our equipment to test for things related to the autonomic nervous system.  Some of the tests he conducts include:

  • Heart rate variability test: analyzes the time interval between heartbeats and allows clinicians to monitor the relationship between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system processes.  Analyzing cardiovascular autonomic function is the test’s main priority.
  • Cardiovascular fitness test: Also known as the Orthostatic test, this test monitors and analyzes subtle changes in the body’s regulatory functioning.  Patients are asked to sit and stand and complete other movements so the equipment can monitor different responses to each action.
  • Stress Assessment test: Analyzes biological rhythms to monitor stress responses.  It’s used to improve a patient’s response to stress in order to make them healthier.
  • and much more …

As medical director at Critical Care Assessment, Dr. Parris will expound upon the research at the core of the equipment used at Parris Pain Center and other private practices throughout the country.

To learn more about Dr. Parris, view the press release about his new position at Critical Care Assessment.

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