Critical Care Assessment Benefits

Why Test? Critical Care Assessment™ Benefits

The tests included in Critical Care Assessment ™ are easily applicable in the course of general and periodical medical check-ups. They can also be used for regular health control and for monitoring the effects of different treatment methods directed toward the general and specific health condition. Consequently, Critical Care Assessment ™ testing is of great value as a supplementary health practice as well as an invaluable preventative healthcare tool.

  • Adaptable: Critical Care Assessment™ can be easily adapted toward the general and specific requirements of almost all medical branches including clinical and laboratory, sports, nutrition, and psychology settings.
  • Quick and Reliable: Critical Care Assessment ™ presents a quick and reliable supplementary assessment of basic health risk factors, such as the chronic vegetative imbalance, pathological disorders of the heartbeat activity, levels of accumulated stress, and the decreased level of physical training.
  • ANS Balance Assessment: Assesses the balance between the activities of the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system.
  • ECG Analysis: Reliably discovers ventricular and supraventricular extra systoles.
  • Stress Assessment: Presents an assessment of the accumulated physical and mental stress; these two types of stress are used to assess the general stress levels present in an individual.
  • Cardiovascular Fitness Assessment: Assesses the physical training needs of the individuals based upon personal fitness levels.
  • Early Indication of Health Risks: Reveals development of possible risky health in advance. This gives the opportunity for their consequences to be reliably mitigated and/or avoided.
  • Pulse Wave Velocity Assessment: Pulse wave velocity analysis is a classic index of aortic stiffness and is a predictor of cardiovascular health, hypertension, Blood circulation status, management of disease progression, etc.
  • Prevention: Critical Care Assessment™ provides early indications of health risks for quick detection and prevention of illness, disease, and progressive stress conditions before onset and development.
  • Cost Effective: Efficiently screen mass population with Critical Care Assessment ™ to detect potential risks and reserve costly, full medical checkups for only those exhibiting health threats.

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