Ankle Brachial Index

image of blood flow Fast, accurate results of ankle brachial index (ABI) testing.

ABI is the newest and most reliable method of determining the highest arterial occlusive and opening pressures at all four limbs. This system uses a combination of pressure measurement and plethysmography. This method produces the most accurate and professional expression of the Ankle-Brachial-Index (ABI).

Why It Is Done
This test is done to screen for peripheral arterial disease of the legs.

The resting ABI result can help diagnose peripheral arterial disease (PAD). If the index number drops after exercise, this may indicate that significant PAD is present.

What To Think About

Your patients may experience leg pain during the treadmill portion of the test if they have peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Undiagnosed arterial disease in the arms can cause inaccurate test results.

Blood pressure readings may not be accurate when the blood vessel being measured is hardened by calcium (calcified). Arteries may calcify more than usual if you have diabetes or kidney problems (renal insufficiency). A very abnormal ABI test result may require more testing to determine the location and severity of PAD that might be present.

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