Vital Health Information Now Accessible Through Patient’s Fingertip

Image: health monitoring using patient's fingertip.With peripheral arterial tone, a wealth of medical information can be collected from a patient using non-invasive equipment.  Attaching a small device to the pointer finger and pressing a button affords deep insight into cardiovascular and respiratory health.  Peripheral arterial tone (PAT) is a preferred measurement of sympathetic arousal and one of the most popular functions of the critical care test by Critical Care Assessment.

Along with oximetry and actigraphy – both health measurement systems – PAT is often used for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea.  It’s one of the few measurements that effectively pinpoints symptoms within patients affected by sleep apnea.  It serves as a great tool for this because the patient can sleep easily while being tested due to the simplified fingertip measurement system.  The main thing that sets the critical care test apart from other PAT devices is its ability to perform a wide variety of other ANS testing.

PAT testing is great for clinicians and patients alike.  Health monitoring equipment like the kind created by Critical Care Assessment affords convenience and transparency before, during, and after testing.  In addition to being non-invasive, the peripheral arterial tone test provides information in a way that’s easy to understand and interpret.  And because of new watch PAT tests, patients can supplement their visits to clinics with at-home testing.  With these new forms of medical monitoring technology, sleep apnea and other diseases linked to the autonomic nervous system are becoming more manageable.

Before this new equipment was available, fingertip monitoring only tested for simple things like blood pressure and pulse.  Technology like the kind powering the critical care test has come a long way since then.  Now, detailed charts and graphs can be produced and compared to past results.  This helps give both patient and clinician a better idea of severity and progress.  To see how our equipment measures peripheral arterial tone to help monitor and treat medical conditions, contact Critical Care Assessment today.

We gladly offer free demonstrations and information packages to clinicians, patients, hospitals and private practices.

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