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Astronauts Help Us Understand Our Nervous System’s Tolerance

If you don’t know what the autonomic nervous system is – commonly referred to simply as the nervous system – astronauts and pilots offer an interesting angle on the subject.

Instead of just saying the autonomic nervous system (ANS) affects everything – because it does – we’re going to let you experience its effects through the lives of some interesting people.  But first, let’s go over the two important parts of the nervous system: 1) the parasympathetic and 2) the sympathetic system.

The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for resting and digestion while the sympathetic nervous system is responsible for reaction to physical activity.  Tightening blood vessels, increasing heart rate, speeding up breathing patterns – these are all sympathetic activities.

Because the AN...

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Acclaimed Pain Management Specialist Joins Critical Care Assessment as Medical Director

The new addition of Dr. Ronald M Parris, MD, to the team of health professionals at Critical Care Assessment will improve the development of ANS research and, consequently, improve our stress assessment equipment.  Although the critical care assessment test by our company already offers valuable information related to the autonomic nervous system (ANS), we’re looking to push innovation further.  Our entire staff believes Dr. Parris will invigorate our existing ANS research and testing equipment.

We believe this because of his vast experience in the medical field.  In addition to having a wealth of knowledge related to various components of the autonomic nervous system, he’s also head of his own pain management private practice, the Parris Pain Center located in Houston, TX...

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