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Is your Patients Autonomic System in Balance?

The autonomic nervous system (ANS), primarily responsible for involuntary functions like blood pressure, heartbeat and breathing, must be in balance for patients to live a healthy life.  Modern technology has afforded many opportunities to test for autonomic balance in a non-invasive, relatively quick way.

ANS assessments like heart rate variability and stress tests can all be completed with new critical care test equipment that breaks down important information in an intuitive, accurate way...

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Heart Rate Variability: The Most Reliable Indicator of NAD

Image of: HRV measurement and EKGTo understand why heart rate variability (HRV) is incredibly useful for preventing disease and early mortality, it’s important to know exactly what HRV and Nonspecific Adaptation Deficit (NAD) are.  If you’re a medical professional, you may already know what each of these are and the connection they have to one another.  However, if you’re new to health monitoring or exploring new services for your private practice or medical center, HRV and NAD are worth exploring

What is Heart Rate Variability?

There’s no secret to the basic concept of HRV.  It’s simply the variation of heart beat intervals and the measurement of the succession of these variations.  Modern health monitoring equipment like the critical care test is used to produce a comprehensive and user-friendly output of informatio...

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