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More Ankle Brachial Index Testing Needed to Decrease Arterial Complications and Increase Awareness

Image of: Clinicians performing ankle brachial test on patient.According to a recent U.S. survey, 75% of adults have no idea what peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is.

Arterial blockage is a very serious matter; however, many people only associate arterial blockage to heart attacks and strokes in general.  They don’t know the about the symptoms of PAD and, consequently, consider leg pain a fleeting case of muscle or joint problems.  When people experience leg pain during exercise or cramping pains, they don’t place much significance on it when they really should.

It’s estimated that 8 to 12 million people in North America currently have PAD.  When 75% of adults don’t even know what it is, this is an alarming rate of people.  Everyone knows what a heart attack is, but not everyone knows what PAD is...

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