Critical Care Assessment Attending the Primary Care Cardiometabolic Risk Summit in Las Vegas

Image of: banner for Primary Care Cardiometabolic Risk Summit 2013

After the success of the last year’s Risk Summit, Critical Care Assessment is excited to attend the 2015 Primary Care Cardiometabolic Risk Summit (CRS) that takes place from October 18-20 at The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As a sponsor and vendor at the event, we’ll be showing nurses, primary care physicians, registered dieticians, certified diabetes educators, and other healthcare professionals how our critical care test can help diagnose, treat, and prevent various health conditions.

What health professionals can expect when they visit our booth at the CRS this year is a free demonstration on how our critical care test makes health conditions more transparent, easier to locate and easier to understand.  They’ll also receive ideas about how they can expand their unique offerings in hospitals and private practices.  Because our critical care test focuses on the autonomic nervous system (ANS), we’re excited to show health professionals how it provides a wide range of insight related diabetes, hypertension and other health factors related to cardiometabolic risk.

According to the CRS’s website, cardiometabolic syndrome affects 1 in 3 adults in the United States, which poses a dire need for new ANS testing equipment.  As leading suppliers of innovative medical testing equipment, we plan on offering healthcare professionals a comprehensive solution for testing needs related to cardiometabolic syndrome.

In addition to learning about the ease and effectiveness of the testing equipment by Critical Care Assessment, attendees can also learn about trending industry topics from lectures by world class health professionals.  There will also be a diverse collection of workshops that will prompt informative discussion and engaging debate.  You can find when these different workshops will start by looking at the 2013 CRS agenda.

From everyone at Critical Care Assessment, we thank you for your dedication to bettering the health of others and look forward to seeing you this weekend in Vegas!

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